56 news organisations receive Emergency Fund support to address critical business needs caused by COVID-19

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) in partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project (FJP) is today announcing 56 organisations receiving grants as part of wave 1 of the European Journalism COVID-19 Support Fund.

Serving communities in 20 countries, from the United Kingdom to Ukraine, the selected publications are being awarded grants of €10,000 or €25,000 to address immediate and critical business needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funds are helping organisations cover the salaries of staff members; bring on board freelancers; replace revenue from the making and distribution of printed publications or from donations / subscriptions / membership; supplement or replace lost advertising revenue or revenue from complementary business activities, such as events; and pay for rent, equipment and other technology essential to executing their work.

The EJC received an unprecedented response to our call for the Fund - 1,857 applications in total. Of these, 988 were for the Emergency Fund.

Our independent judging process for the Fund involves three steps: an eligibility check, an appraisal from qualified experts and EJC team members, and a due diligence check. We had 22 judges working round the clock to make sure every application is given due consideration and to ensure that every organisation we give a grant to meets all of the eligibility and selection criteria.

In the coming weeks, we will announce the news organisations and freelance journalists receiving funding through the Engagement Fund and the Innovation Fund. Sign up to the mailing list to receive updates about the Fund including for information about future waves of funding. You can also refer to the FAQs.

We're thrilled to introduce you to the 56 organisations receiving Emergency Fund support:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Doo Vidik - RTV Slon (€25,000)

Independent radio FERAL (€10,000)

Nezavisna televizija NTV-IC Kakanj (€25,000)


Alpiko Publishing Ltd (€10,000)


Koncentrat (€10,000)


Harjumaa Ühinenud Meedia (€25,000)


Iso Numero (€25,000)


Saphir Mediation (€25,000)

Rue89 Strasbourg (€25,000)

94 Citoyens (€10,000)

Mediacoop (€25,000)


Ltd Guria News (€25,000)

OC Media (€25,000)


Inside Story (€25,000)


Tilos Cultural Foundation (€25,000)

Klubradio ZRt (€25,000) Kft (€25,000)

Együtt Debrecenért Egyesület (€10,000)


Bere Island Projects Group (€25,000)

Dublin Inquirer (€25,000)


LetteraEmme - Associazione Metropolis (€10,000)

Altra Economia soc. coop. (€25,000)

Radio Tour (€25,000)

Leggi la notizia (€10,000)

PiùPress soc. coop. (€25,000)

Cittadini Reattivi APS (Social Progress Association) (€10,000)

MeridioNews (€25,000)


JSC Alytaus radijas radio station FM99 (€25,000)

Nanook Multimedia (€25,000)

North Macedonia

Dosie (€25,000)


Projekt Portal (€25,000)

Korso (€25,000)

Dzień Dobry Bełchatów (€10,000)


Mediotejo (€25,000)

Sul Informação (€25,000)


NGO Voice of the Citizens of Sumadija (€10,000)

Privredno Društvo Boom93 (€25,000)

Radio City Nis (€10,000)

Mašina (Published by Kontekst) (€10,000)

Albos doo (Grad Newspaper and (€25,000)


Irutxuloko Hitza (€25,000)

Pikara Magazine (€10,000)

Maravedismo Sociedad Limitada (€25,000)

Cordópolis (€25,000) (€25,000)

The Netherlands

RTV Horizon (€25,000)


Realnaja Gazeta (€10,000)

United Kingdom CIC (Northern Ireland) (€10,000)

Clydesider Creative Ltd (Scotland) (€10,000)

Bedford Independent (England) (€25,000)

Switch Radio (England) (€10,000)

OnTheWight (England) (€10,000)

Local Communications Limited (England) (€25,000)

Altrincham Today (England) (€10,000)

Social Spider CIC (England) (€25,000)

Southwark Newspaper Ltd (England) (€25,000)

More details about these organisations, including what they are using the grant funding for, can be found here.

Update 15/05: This list has been updated to include two additional shortlisted news organisations: MeridioNews (Italy) and Albos doo (Serbia). The list now contains 56 news organisations.

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